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Youthrise: crisis management and self-motivation of young people practices.

Youthrise: crisis management and self-motivation of young people practices is a seminar for sharing best practices among youth workers (Mobility of Youth Workers).

The mobility of the project has been hosted in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy from 16th to 21th of July 2021 and 22 youth workers from Serbia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Netherlands and Portugal have attended. The seminar has been based on non-formal education methodologies for the 80% of activities, 10% informal activities and 10% formal approach.

Since the role of youth workers is to prevent and support young people motivation, self-improvement and participation we created a seminar for sharing best practices used by different organisations in order to tackle this problem during the crisis by developing also a programme to mentor and support young people in order to get out after covid19 crisis equipped with proper competences which allow them to face also future crisis they may have in their life in the future. This seminar is going to be useful for many other organisations which has been also affected by the crisis and
they couldn’t manage to tackle the problem and still reach their youngsters and provide proper support to them in their communities.

Its specific objectives:

  • To deepen European and world realities on impact COVID-19 had in young people in all the communities and what are/
    have been the main consequences.
  • To explore and discover crisis management for youth work and how to turn it into a concrete usual action for all the
    organisations and youth workers;
  • To involve experts psychologists, sport and meditation coaches to share practices and activities which may be
    transferred to youth work for the support of young people;
  • To share good practices among youth workers to support young people on development of resilience and transfer them
    self-motivation through crisis management skills
  • To exchange tools and high quality monitoring and evaluation systems to enhance the quality of youth work at Local,
    regional, national and international level;
  • To create a Survival tool-kit with tips and methods to manage and overcome crisis for young people and spread it
    among young people with difficulties to consequently equip them.

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