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Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Healty mind in a healty body is an international youth exchange that has been organized in Cagliari, Italy, from 27th of April to 3nd of May 2019, focused on health promotion and outdoor activities . According to the World Health Organization, obesity is one of the biggest public health issue relating to young people, affecting 1 youth ouf of 5. As reported by the International Obesity Task Force in Europe, the percentage of overweight youth in Europe is around 20% and the highest level is reported in the southern European Countries (as Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Spain). The main aim of the project is to discuss the health problems among young people and seek for creative and effective ways to resolve these issues with a peer to peer approach among youngsters.

Outdoor activity

The youth exchange Healty mind in a healty body is also finalized to boost awarness among youth about obesity and healty life styles in order to prevent chronic disease and other issues related to this phenomenon such as the serious growing of social costs, invalidity rate, high mortality and degenerative illness. The Countries involved are Italy, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic and Lithuania .
Through non-formal education and activities of civil society organizations and individuals, young people can join forces, working togheter to a common idea of well-being that might persuade other young people in the local communities and boost their awarness about healthy lifestyle.

Intercultural Event

Methods used are: non – formal education activities, role play, working groups and workshops. Specific objectives of the project are:
• To stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative;
• To promote health and outdoor activities as a tool to raise awareness on health issues and a way to acquire knowledge and skills useful for persons’ personal and professional development;
• To foster mutual understanding, knowledge of health issues among young people and culture in countries of participants;
• To develop young people’s motivation and sense of responsibility;
• To promote Erasmus+ programme as a tool to stimulate creativity, youth active participation .

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