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Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled

“Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled” is a mobility project that has been taken place in Cagliari, Italy (2nd-8th of June 2017). The 28 participants that attend EOYD were from EU countries and in particular from: Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, UK and Italy. The main purpose of this project it has been oriented to face the main hurdles that impede employability and education to youth disabled and implement activities according with the European policy framework, that provide equality of opportunity to all citi-zens. Within this context, Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled (EOYD) wants to find a way to remove barriers to inclusion, sensibilize mainstream actions and implement project ideas addressed to boost employability and education for young people afflicted with disabilities.
The project wants to support youth workers and offer them theoretical and practical tools to work with and use when training young people.

Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled

Therefore, the main objectives of the project are following:

-to promote cooperation in the youth field to create better opportunities for inclusion of disabled youth;
-to promote a better understanding of the added value that diversity can bring to our societies;
-to create actions to help our societies to face the economic crises with fresh entrepreneurial ideas;

-to build up partnerships for projects that help disable youth to acquire competences for entering the labour mar-ket;
-to use the Erasmus Plus programme as a tool to support personal and professional development of young di-sabled;
-to get to know best practices to improve social inclusion and recognition of different abilities ;
-to promote intercultural learning and diversity.

 The methodology and type of activities have been mainly related to non formal education, coaching, selfexpression, simulation games, peer to peer, learning by doing and experimental learning.

Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled

The associations involved in the project : 

SDRUZHENIE PROMYANATA E V TEB (Bulgaria) ;Parcours Le Monde – IDF (France); Compass Európai Ifjúsági Közösségért Egyesület (Hungary); Civic Orientation and Social Integration (Romania); Center for education and development (Macedonia); BRNO FOR YOU ZS (Czech Republic); Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Lithuania (Lithuania); Asociación Cultural Muxelka (Spain); SEIKLEJATE VENNASKOND (Estonia); DONUM ANIMUS (Latvia); THE DISABILITY KARATE FEDERATION LTD (United Kingdom);  Associazione ABìCì (Italy).

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National Institution for deaf people (ENS) , President Mr. Alessandro Dessì

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 White Hands MusicaLIS Chorus ( video)

 White Hands MusicaLIS Chorus ( video)

 Cagliari City Council Assessor for Social Policy , Mr. Ferdinando Secchi

Association for deaf people ENS

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